Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Last Witch Hunter (2015)

ABBEY: At last we're able to watch a movie on "Last Full Show" time slot. Started at midnight and ended at 2AM. 

For The Last Witch Hunter, nothing new. I think I've seen the same movie plot but can't remember. Kill the villain, being haunted by that and then later on finds out that he was betrayed by his own friend. And Vin Diesel is already caught with the stigma of cars. Most of the movies starring him is associated with cars :) Nothing much for this movie. 

The cast is great; Batman's Alfred, Fast & Furious, Dom and Frodo :)

WILL: My friend Jhen visited Singapore just to attend the  Global Summit 2015. For so little time, I want her to see the real beauty of Singapore. So I packed her itinerary that we almost do not sleep at all. Haha. 

After the seminar,short walk inside Sentosa Island and rest at home, at 1130pm we paved our way to Seletar Mall to see The Last Witch Hunter at Shaw on 12mn. This is our first time to see a movie at that kind of timing.

So how's the movie? It is the typical "You can't love me but I like you story", typical betrayal and typical secret society. But it is entertaining. 7/10.