Tuesday, November 24, 2015

MegaZip Adventure Park - NorthFace (Wall Climbing) & Megazip (Zip Line)

ABBEY: Wilma's siblings love to have thrilling activities. So she booked them the Panther package of Megazip. With that they can do wall climbing and zipline. None of us reached the top except Wilma as our arms and legs are burning and screaming with pain :) 

After our futile attempts on the wall we climbed the tower to the start of the line. The zipline is 450m long and 75m high and 3 persons can go at a time. It was fun and the view is breathtaking. Don't worry about your things. The staff will collect it before you head to the zipline and will be given to you at the end of the ride. Videos and photos are available for your souvenir.

WILL: This is one of the exciting part of my siblings trip in here. Why? All of them is their first time to do a wall climbing and two of them is their first time to experience a zipline. 

I gave their itinerary weeks before to ready their body in such activity. But I think weeks are not enough. None of them reached the top of the wall. Thrice they tried but they failed. Hehe.

I conquered the MegaZip Adventure Park's NorthFace!!! After all (except me, ehem) surrendered on wall climbing we went for MegaZip. Abbey and I done this few times but this will be our first time to do in Singapore. That is a 450m line. What I like the most on that experience? The greenery and the fact that you land on a breakwater. Ha!

We enjoyed the time spent with MegaZip specially the all-smile and friendly team of yours. Till next time guys! Till next our next adventure!