Saturday, November 7, 2015

Paik's Bibim (Bibimbap) - VivoCity Singapore

ABBEY: We went to Paiik's Bibim in Vivo City to have dinner. It is a little shop that serves Korean dish bibimbap. 

I got their recommended item: Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap for 8.50SGD. It came in a big bowl and on the wall a sign shows how to eat it; very simple, just mix it all and enjoy it. It was sweet and delicious. From time to time I'm putting chili paste to make it hot and spicy. 

They only accept cash and NETS.

WILL: For almost 5 years of marriage we do not forget to unwind and have a dinner date. We frequently explore on food. Why not? Singapore has lot to offer. 

That night we went for Korean cuisine. Paiik's bibimbap is a fast food themed dining site. I went for Teriyaki Chicken Bibimbap ($8.50). It is flavourful. Any person that do not want spicy but like to try Korean's Bibimbap, this is the right place for them.