Monday, November 23, 2015

Lunch Buffet @ Buffet Town - International Seafood, Mixed Grill and Teppan Yaki (Raffles City Singapore)

ABBEY: Haha, I told my in-laws not to have breakfast as we will be having buffet at Buffet Town in Raffles City Mall. Yes, they contained their hunger and we only waited a couple of minutes for the restaurant to open and then game on. My first plate had baked fish fillet with mozarella toppings and pizza.

Then I tried their sushi and sashimi. I got a not pleasant experience with one of their chef. I asked for a plate of sashimi which I got. A couple of minutes I asked again and this time it is for my brother. I didn't know that my brother wants it. Then the chef asked me, "for one or two?" in a sarcastic note. It is as if he doesn't want me to come back again and again. Hello?! That's why it is a buffet. You get little portion and come back if you want more. Avoid food wastage. Anyways that chef cannot stop me from enjoying the food and having a good mood.

I also had pork, chicken and beef satays, sauted beef in ginger and onion, and ice cream. The buffet also include soda which helped me burp when my tummy got full :)

Weekday Lunch buffet costs 24.80++ SGD

WILL: Buffets are now a big fad at Manila. Every corner of a mall there are buffet restaurants and the queue are very long. But when I got to tried some of buffet diner...Oh it is quite lame and the it is very pricey. Then I promised my siblings to tag them along to one of the eat-all-you-can restaurant here in Singapore. 

We went to Buffet Town for our Monday lunch. They were greeted by fresh seafoods, sashimi, sushis, and bucket of newly cooked tempura. They love the beef and satays, pasta station is a hit and of course they will not forget the waffles and ice cream on it. 

They are shocked that they can stay there from 11:30 - 2:30pm. A non-stop munching and telling tales. 

We went out of the restaurant very full that we cannot eat until next day. Hahaha! Thanks Buffet Town for making my tourists from Manila very happy on their lunch time. :) Till next time!