Monday, November 2, 2015

LeNu Taiwanese Beef Noodle Bar (Vivocity)

ABBEY: We're hungry and most of the restaurant in Vivo City is jam-packed. The shortest queue that we saw is at Lenu (Taiwan Beef Noodle Shop); maybe 5-7 people ahead of us. We were given seats at the bar after a couple of minutes. 

I got their Chef-recommended item: Braised Beef Brisket noodle. I don't know if we ordered it right or the chef was confused which is which so I got the same soup flavor but different type of noodles. Instead of broad noodles I had rice noodles in my bowl. No more time to argue on sending it back, I'm hungry. For 10.90, it was reasonable. The serving came huge, hot and freshly served. It was flavorful and the beef is tender.

WILL: Jhen is craving for a good noodles since her first day in here in Singapore. So we went for LeNu for dinner right after the seminar. 

There is queue of course but we got our table in an instant because we are willing to sit at the bar. :) 

I ordered their spicy version of soup. The soup is tasty but not that spicy! The noodles are perfectly firm. The serving is greatly big. Recommendable. Value of money! Now I am very intrigued on Taiwan's cuisine. :) Maybe next time, we will visit that country. :)