Monday, May 5, 2014

Village Hotel Bugis' - The Landmark

ABBEY: We had our lunch at The Landmark on one of the days Ate Sol visited us here. It is located at Village Hotel in Bugis (Bugis MRT Exit B - head to Arab St.). Yes it is a buffet one; international. The place has a touch of Mediterranean theme; white table cloths, blue wine glasses and crystal chandeliers.

The chef manager, Oktay, warmly welcomed us to the buffet table. In there are variety of food like chicken tandoori, vegetable samosa, chicken shawarma, prawn dry chilli, fish fillet in spinach sauce, and bbq chicken drumlets. Desserts were overflowing too; nyonya kueh, fresh fruits, and pastries. 

What I like the most is buttered naan matched with yellow dhal and chicken tandoori. It was a hearty lunch and were filled with delicious food and new acquaintance.

WILL: I like the way Chef Oktay Sahin entertain each visitors in his restaurant. He literally walk on and chit-chat to his diners one by one. So if you want to have some conversation to a head checf of a restaurant The Landmark must be in your list. 

We are all excited to have a buffet lunch to celebrate my 31st bday. We were greeted by the men at the concierge and brought us at our table. OMG, a blue wine glass and a very neat table waiting for four of us. I felt that I am so special that time, well Happy Birthday to me! 

The food, oh the food. How many times I went back to take food? I forgot to count because some were served in our table. It is an indian cuisine so all were bit spicy and curry. 

What we love the most? The garlic naan!!! The freshly baked aroma was all-over the place everytime it hit our table.