Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Global Filipino Investors Singapore - Investors Boot Camp

ABBEY: We planned not to attend this seminar as our sked will have conflict with Ate Sol's visit, but still the urge to learn more on financial literacy prevailed. 

I can say that we got more than what we paid for. The fee is small compared with the gold nuggets of knowledge that we gained. We were given the awareness of having a financial plan setup today for a comfortable and bright future. Then once your mind is opened, you need to learn how to invest and earn from it. Lastly, how to give back and share the knowledge and experiences you had. 

Those topics were discussed by Sir Jess Uy, Sir Jay Penaflor and Ms. Salve Duplito. These mentors are BIG names on financial world; but they don’t boast their popularity or their fame. They are humble and helpful individuals especially to those who are starting the journey towards financial freedom.

WILL: Saying thanks to The Global Filipino Investors Group is not enough. Thanks to Kuya Floi, Kuya Rich and Kuya Rex for accepting me and Abbey to be part of the growing family.

Last 12th of April, we attended one of their events. Even though we read a lot of books how to allocate your assets strategically, stock market analysis and for value investing, it would be more nice to attend some seminars.

Sir Jess Uy; I considered him as a friend (feeling close). Do you know that he cares a lot for me and specially to Abbey? He knew every concerns we have in the aspect of finance. He helped us to check if we are in the right track towards our targeted retirement age. He introduced to us how to invest globally to minimize the risk. We were shocked when Sir Jess checked how much our money earned in our fun of funds. Thanks a lot Sir!

This is our first time to see Sir Jay PeƱaflor. He is always playing jokes to keep the computation of technical analysis to be lively. Anyway, who will hate math when money is the topic? After the rigid calculations he gave as a secret to make our life in stock analysis more easier. Haha!

Ms. Ma. Salve Duplito is a well-known person. She is one of the consultant in a famous firm, the women behind MoneyStories. She gives a free financial advises to the people who needs it badly and one of the hosts of ANC On The Money. She touched my heart while she's telling her past. When she is so poor (gosh, tears clinging into my eyes) and the eye-opener scene that made her inculcated in her mind that she needs to study hard, be top on her class and to live a good life. Hey if you just want to be rich, don't go to her, she will not help you. Haha!

Kuya Floi, thanks for bringing the speakers all the way from Philippines. Thanks sa gift ng TGFI. Kinuha ni Sam (ang batang mahilig kay Olaf) na hiningi naman ni Bettina. In the end, wala ka talagang gift sa akin. Haha!

Thanks TGFI. A group to be treasured.