Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cali "Cafe & Bar" - American Buffet Breakfast (Weekend)

ABBEY: Cali Cafe is located at Rochester Park - few minutes away from Buona Vista MRT station. Right after my night shift I went there to have buffet breakfast with Wilma, Ate Sol, and Sam. 

It is a small place but is warm got a homey feel. I got chicken franks, spring rolls, olio pasta as well as sunny side up and scrambled egg. As usual I ate a lot of bacon. I liked the ones that is in the bottom of the warmer. They're crispy and has less fat. 

Before going there we confirmed that the price is less than 12.90sgd; we even checked for the dates. But unfortunately, as per the staff the promo is already over. The experience is good but would have been better if we got discounts :)

WILL: We were with Sam and my sister Ate Sol when we visited the Cali Cafe. We love buffets and we really think that we can save more on that rather than ordering ala-carte. 

Cali Cafe and Bar posted a promotion of $12.90 nett for an American Breakfast Buffet. Why not grabbed the chance when it is just near at our home?

Around 7am we were already there. We ate as if no sun will rise on us for tomorrow. Haha. Overflowing bread, cheese, crispy bacon, sausages, and my favorite...their scrambled egg. We stay there for 3 hours. Eat-rest-eat-rest, haha! Even it is Sunday, the place is so
serene and relaxing. 

When Abbey went to the counter for payment. The boy behind the counter told us that it costs $20.00. He is not aware of the promotion posted in their facebook page. Too bad! But hey, bring your children here. Child eats for free. :) 

Till next time Cali Cafe.