Friday, May 9, 2014

Chocz Gourmet (Handcrafted Quality Chocolate) Esplanade Mall - Chocolate Truffle Cake

ABBEY: Want to try something out of your ordinary taste pallette on cakes? Since this is the first time to have a bite on their cake, my experience is great. 

We got a 20SGD voucher from our good bank and a little more top up and we had a Chocolate Truffle cake; ganache layer with chocolate sponge. We redeemed it at their branch in Esplanade mall. 

The dark chocolate has a smooth texture :) Perfect for a dessert after a hearty meal.

WILL: I am a great fan of bread and pastries but here in Singapore cakes are not as cheap as priced in Philippines. Now on my point of view, ahmm, or should I say I instilled it in my mind that buying cakes will be a waste of money and additional calories for me and husband's body. And that's why a slice of cake creates some lesions to my conscience.  Haha!

It is my birthday month and we have points to redeem and we chose a chocolate truffle cake from Chocz. 

Chocz is located at Esplanade Mall. They have different kinds of pastries and this heart-shaped cake designed with nuts on its sides appeals to me a lot. 

I took a spoonful of it, place it in my mouth and to my delight I blurted out "Napakasarap" (very delicious). Abbey agreed. A perfect dessert for a perfect night. 

Thanks to Citibank for the voucher and thanks Chocz for a very special creation.