Tuesday, May 6, 2014

River Safari Singapore Asia's First River-Themed Wildlife Park

ABBEY : Ok, so we've been to Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. And when River Safari opened, we planned on going to it. 

While waiting for the gates to open, we took snaps on their facade. The park was sectioned into two and by different rivers around the world; Nile, Yangtze, Gangee, Mekong, and Amazon. For me, Amazon is the best. You will be at awe when you see the river giant, manatee (seacow or dugong). They are very huge creatures but can gracefully swim on the tank.  

On the side of the Wild Amazonia is a 10-minute boat ride that costs SGD5(adult) and SGD3(child). Be sure to be there on time of your ride. You can see flamingoes, maned wolf, copybara, macaws, squirrel monkeys and a lot more.  

On the other side of the animal park are giant pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia who welcomed us also on their abode. We were shown what food they are eating and how it was prepared. Be sure to keep quiet so they won'be startled. Along with them are red pandas that look like oversized racoons and golden pheasant. 

We also got a taste of their Panda buns (choco and red bean flavor) at SGD2.90 a piece. Fish like puffer fish, catfish and Australian lungfish can be seen as well as giant salamander, Indian gharial and stingrays. You will be able see all in it at half a day but you will enjoy it.

WILL: River is calling. River Safari's tag line advertisements are everywhere so who are we not to answer that calling. Before my Ate Sol's 10-day vacation here in Singapore, we went at Mandai Lake area where the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari are also located. River Safari is just in the middle of the two well-known tourist spots in Singapore.

The park exhibited the great rivers of the world and the inhabitants of those. It is not an ordinary aquarium, its not an ordinary zoo. With great thinking they showcased the endangered animals that needed our care. 

Be owed by different rivers and its characteristics. Mississippi River, Congo River, Ganges River, Murray, Mekong, Yangtze River and the great River Nile were all there. Showcasing their inhibitors. 

Amazon, the virgin forest, once flooded will be a home to the great giants of the sea. I turned dwarf when we were standing in front of the foot to ceiling glass.. The glass that separates us manatees who swim gracefully under our watch. A jaw-dropping experience indeed.

We ran to catch up the second batch of (Amazon River Quest). Maybe because the boat is too fast, we do not have enough time to see some of the caged animals.

Hush yourselves when you enter the Giant Panda Forest. We just saw the retiring panda from a screen through a cctv camera. The other one is just sleeping, hmm, maybe she is trying to get rid of her panda eyes. Haha.. Joke!

You can go in here and finish for 3hours. 

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