Saturday, May 31, 2014

7Adam Gallery Restaurant (A Celebration of Food and Art)

ABBEY: Having different working schedules is a tough one. But it is great that my wife is good in managing our time. Like the brunch we had at 7Adam. 

Since I'm on the second shift, the only "we" time we had is a brunch. She won an online contest which entitled her to select one entry on the menu and have it for free. Yes, I got to pay for my order. 

I had burger sliders. The wagyu beef patty is sandwiched with greenies, tomato and pickles. The taste is the same as our "lumpiang shanghai" back in Philippines. Weird but true. 

7Adam is located at, as you guess, 7 Adam Road on a white colonial house.

WILL: "No food and drinks allowed". This is the sign you will usually see at museums and art galleries. Well, isn't great dining while you are in midst of work of arts? 7Adam fulfilled my fantasies...

Before the month of May ends, husband and I redeemed the voucher we snatched when 7Adam held a brunch giveaway. Again big thank you 7Adam

From Farrer Road Mrt, we took Bus 165 and alighted in front of a white colonial house. We went inside and amazed by the big chillies dispalyed. We paved our way to the second floor and more work of arts like painting and carvings greeted us.  We were guided to our seats just beside a window, so romantic!!! The ambiance is so serene and elegant.  

For the food, I ordered 7Adam Hearty Breakfast. I like my eggs to be poached and additional basket of breads. The food is a typical american breakfast, the extraordinary is their melted butter on the side where you can dip everything you want with it. 

Food + work of arts = Awesomeness.

Thanks 7Adam for the free brunch ;)