Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Singapore Turf Club - Think Entertainment, Think Racing

ABBEY: I've never been to a horse race track even back in the Philippines so I was excited when Wilma told me that we will visit Singapore Turf Club at Kranji. 

Public entrance for level 1 grandstand is at 6SGD while going to Owner's Lounge is priced at 30SGD. At first we bought the 6-dollar ticket but we were asked by the usher if we wanted to upgrade our ticket. We complied and we didn't have any regret on our decision, as the place is nice, beautiful and comfortable. You can have table with a monitor for your viewing convenience. Also you can order food and drinks for as low as 10SGD and 4SGD respectively. 

Each guest in the Owner's Lounge will be given the programme for the day. In it are the race schedules, horses', trainers', and jockeys' information as well as intructions on how to bet. We placed bets but unfortunately our horses didn't won. It was a fun experience for that day. 

WILL: As you all know, I am easily bored. I hate a day-to-day routine. And as agreed by me and Abbey, every year we will go, do or taste something different. Last year we slept under the stars and beside the gentle waves of East Coast Park. Now we were here to see a horse race.

Do not get me wrong as I am not promoting gambling here. The billboards say on the middle of the track "Know Your Limits". Well, before going there, I limit myself for one bet and for $2 only win or lose and fixed my mind to go in second floor air-conditioned grandstand with a $6 entrance fee. Hey please check the dress code at the turf club or else you will not be allowed to go and holler for your horse. Haha

I wore a little white dress (again thanks Ate Minnie for sponsoring) and Abbey went for white polo shirt, jeans and black shoes. We headed to the ticket counter and they asked us if we want to go for Owner's Lounge that costs $30.00 each. Abbey is pushing me to allow him to buy that but I insisted the opposite. He failed and we moved on at the gate. 

The marshall halted us to stop and asked us why we do not want to go to the owner's lounge. He described it and as usual my
husband was enticed by the comfort the marshall is describing. Although all of the floors were air conditioned but having your own table and tv screen will be a great experience. And then I gave in. Abbey held my hand and rushed to the ticket counter to refund the $6 ticket and buy the owner's lounge one. We were handed our ticket and envelope consisted of ballpen cum highlighter and booklet of days races. 

We entered a carpeted area with nice chandeliers. We entered the lounge and we were welcomed with gleeful ambiance. It is so beautiful. Everybody is shouting with seems. We walked and walked looking for a table, darl, the nicest spot were all
flagged reserved. Then one of the men on the higher bench showed me that table B14 is free. We sat, took the betting paper, and non-stop laughing filled the air. The 1st race is on and we are looking for race 3, that would give us enough time to study how to bet. After minutes of discussing and tummy-clenching happiness, Abbey officially handed our bets and get the receipt. The result? We lose! This is really a game of chance. So even Abbey told me to go for another bet, I stand firm and declined.

We ordered food... yes! We ordered food, price range is from $5-$15. The fried beehoon is nice and can serve 2 pax.
after our light mirienda, we went down to see the parade of the horses and its jockeys. 

We went out to feel the action under the sun. There we saw the betters seriously checking out the program and the results. The cheers and cursing for their horses is higher here.

A very out-of-box dating experience. You can go here via mrt, alight at Kranji or just hail a taxi. :) 

Know your limits guys!