Saturday, May 17, 2014

Owndays Singapore (OPTICAL SHOP)

ABBEY: It is the time of the year again to change specs. Wilma is insisting on me to wear contact lenses but we ended up on choosing the good old frame.

She checked Owndays and saw that they offer full package (frame and lens) at 98sgd. The best part is that the frames are lightweight.
I chose a rimless frame. I haven't availed the offer as I requested for transition and thinner lens which add up 400sgd. Wilma got hers after 20 minutes while I waited for 3 weeks to get my new pair of additional eyes.

It was worth the wait. It also came with a nice specs case. The new specs is good and fitted me well. I looked more mature but more gwapo :)

WILL: Its a yearly must-do for us as a couple to check our eyes and to change specs. Yes! Every year we just not change lenses but the eyeglasses as a whole. Why? We use it means, our everday sweat is there and a good home for bacteria even we cleanse it religiously.

The power I need just a little bit higher, but of course I do not want a very heavy burden on my nose and ears. Gladly I found out the MyOwnDays at 313 Sommerset. 

The cheapest you can get is $98 for a glasses and the lenses. Mine was jacked up to the price of $168. I want a nicer half-
rimmed frame and Abbey added around $30 for an added protection on my eyes. 

Frame plus lenses is very light. Sometimes, I forget that I am wearing one.