Monday, October 14, 2013

Dinner Buffet @ Buffet Town - International Seafood, Mixed Grill and Teppan Yaki (Raffles City Singapore)

ABBEY: My wife has a company dinner and I was invited as well. The reservation is at Buffet Town in basement of Raffles City. It is mainly a seafood and tepanyaki restaurant; but they also serve local and Western cuisines. 

I first tried Thai stewed pork, chicken satay and grilled tofu. Then slices of meat-lover pizza as well as roasted chicken and kway teow. 

Oysters, chili crabs, salmon, sushi, tempura, tiger prawns were overflowing. 

For dessert I had chocolate and mango ice cream and dragonfruit and watermelon. Cream puffs, crepes, waffles and fresh fruits were there. On that Sunday a person costs $40.80++ but $35.80 on weekdays. 

WILL: Wow, Rejoice Container really consisted of good people, why? I lasted for another year! My kind boss threw another appreciation party for his people and of course we were very lucky to bring along our spouses. 

Buffet Town at Raffles City. was the venue and as we reached the placed, Abbey and I was so shocked to see a very ling queue. Lucky us we have a very well coordinated mesdames that made the reservation.

On our way to our seats, the sets of food was really looks delicious! Oh men, can't wait to start. When we get to know our table, Abbey and I declared war against all the food! Haha!

I am pizza lover then the rest is history! Nice texture and cheese is just overflowing. Afer the first oplate of italian dish, I went to checkout the sashimi and the rest of sushi. Next stop is the chili crab, their crab is so thin and the sauce is not spicy. Tempura overload! I am so lucky that Kuya GeeFord have  great patience to queue for the oysters. I got the chance to eat some of the world famous aphrodisiac. 

I washed down all the food with free flowing of coke, green tea and teh.

Again, thanks Boss Poh for filling up our tummies!