Tuesday, October 8, 2013

RN Spa @ Holiday Inn Singapore

ABBEY: After a tiring but fulfilling week touring our Kuya and Ate here in Singapore, we rewarded our aching muscles with a 60-minute full body massage at RN Spa located at Holiday Inn.

We were an hour early for our appointment. We tried to ask if we can have it then but no masseur available and the staff let us use their comfortable seats at the relaxing lounge.At last the time came and we led to a separate room. 

A couple of minutes later, we got changed and the massage started. It was very relaxing. I think I can even hear myself snoring. I apologize to the masseur for that but she told me its usual for the clients to sleep. I don't want to get up yet but time flew fast. We were served with ginger tea and delicious mung bean soup. 

A great reward for a good tourist guide :) 

WILL: 5-day vacation of my brother finally came to an end, and as experienced last year, our muscles sore after the F1 event. Maybe caused by the heat, sudden rain and a lot of long walks. Anticipating the ache again this year, we booked a whole body massage at RN Spa located at Holiday Inn Hotel in Orchard.

We alight at Somerset MRT station and arrived so early, 2 hours earlier than our schedule. As it was packed, we were not accommodated immediately but we were transferred to their relaxation lounge wherein a lazyboy is there for us to rest first. Oh, we were given a hot ginger tea while waiting. After watching some episodes of "Friends" we were asked by the 2 masseurs to follow them.

The room has a very good lighting. They can dim and flare the lights up, for somewhat privacy of their client in front of them.

All hail to their warm bed. At first I thought its the beddings or the towel but the warm continuous to flow from it and to my body, just from there really relaxes me.

As per request, I want a firm hand to massage my whole body, well the request was definitely given to me.

Thanks RN Spa for this experience. We will surely be coming back for a green tea massage.

The massage was from groupon, we bought it for only $28.00.