Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gloria Jean's Coffees Singapore - Chicken Curry Potato & Sardine Puff by Tip Top

ABBEY: I have tasted curry puffs from different shops but Gloria Jeans' somehow caught my tastebuds. For 1.30 a piece you can taste more curry flavor and filling. I'm actually so full during that day but with the puff's good taste, I ate all four Wilma gave me :) 

She also bought sardine puffs which are also delicious. Try it and you'll get to know what I'm saying.

WILL: Abbey is a great fan of curry puffs. Everytime I asked him what food he wants for me to carry home, he will always answer me back "curry puff baby". So I aways buy some of it either from Old Chang Kee or from Polar.

Past week Gloria Jeans Coffee here in Anson Road launched a local treat.. Chicken Potato Curry Puff and Sardines Puff. I bought the curry, buy 5 get 1 free. I ate one, our housemate took one and the remaining ate by Abbey. Gluttony it is!!!

Costs $1.30. Curry Puff is better than the other stores but Tip Top Sardines Puff  is the best!