Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Poulét at Raffles City (First French Casual Dining Restaurant Chain Concept in Singapore)

ABBEY: Our blog's third anniversary came and just in time for that Poulet at Raffles City opened a couple of weeks before. So after my morning shift we went to the restaurant and found a long queue. Almost giving up the plan to dine in, the staff approached us and told us that a table for two was available. Nice :) 

It's a French cuisine restaurant and I got Iberico pork belly and fries. The food has a good plating and a thousand flavors bursted in my mouth on each bite. It was delicious. 

The fries was served in a small bucket with dip on the side. Main entree starts at less than 15 sgd. It was great celebration indeed.

WILL: Maybe Abbey was thinking back then that if he will date me on a Frenh restaurant, he'll be as romantic as french people are. Well, he do not need to that because for me he is the most romantic man I ever dated.

I planned for a pizza night to celebrate the We'll Tell You - A&W Couple's Blog 3rd year anniversary, but he told me that he had a plan too. I pushed my idea but he won, I gave way for his plan. I am surprised to see a newly built restaurant at Raffles City. Its a classy and I am pretty annoyed that we will be spending a lot for a one dinner. I started to murmured about the price but Abbey shused me.

We were seated beside the window and on my delight, they have just two page menu, ha! They will not give their diners a hard time to choose from their list. I am not a keen eater of chicken but I still asked for their frontliner dish.. The Poulét Rôtti, (Roast Chicken) merged with their Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce. The taste is superb! Abbey spoonfed me their Iberico Pork Belly, oh darl, the taste is really unforgettable!   

Overall, it is really a nice experience for both of us. Now I know why many people love to eat French Cuisine.

Thanks Baby for this treat!