Saturday, October 5, 2013


ABBEY: We watched Singapore F1 Grand Prix at Bay Grandstand. We bought 3-day tickets with an "early bird" discount. There's a lot to compare from previous year's Fanstand upgrade but still we enjoyed the night race with my in-laws. 

We were seated near Turn 18 and believe me there were lots of actions that happened on that turn. It was a sharp curve so the driver must manage to prepare the car going left else he'll bump in the barrier. Most of the cars that collided were Porsche and GP2 but with F1 you can feel the excitement because they use that turn to overtake one another. They were amazing. We also saw the performances of Funky Squad. 

First night in Padang was graced by Big Bang. It's kind of weird though as their opening number is a music video. Who would do that? We haven't seen The Killers as we skipped the second night. But Rihanna closed the weekend with a bang as people flocked, sand and dance to her music. Few things I noticed, Rihanna seems like being exorcise as she contorts during her numbers. Also I thought she's tired of her Philippine tour; she only sings whenever she wants then the backup does the rest. Good thing she wrapped up with Diamonds else she'll lose her sparkle on this blog :) 

We didn't watched Justin Bieber; well, for obvious reasons.

WILL: 4 days of F1? Oh darling, people just can't get enough right? 

Before, I begged Abbey to buy the 3 day tickets to see Maroon 5 and Katy Perry, now we bought the BayStand tix to grant the special request of my brother, now our main reason is to see the final competing season of Vettel.

Unlike the past year that clouds blocked the sunlight that gave few drops of rain, this event is really scorching hot. So hot that we only went there for Friday to see the opening and Sunday to checkout the who will be the winners.

F1 was so noisy in facebook, many giveaways were released and we are the lucky few to see the "The Rush" movie premiere (by the way, the tickets were given to my brother and sister-in-law). They also given a chance to for the people to walk on the race track before a night before the race, (but walking at the race track is nicer. You can check the wheel's rubber and skid marks). And they also handed a few ticket upgrades. 

I am happy that my brother really enjoyed this experience and he is really thankful for that one of his unforgettable event in his life. He likes Rihanna but after he saw the performance, we totally agreed not see her perform live, we will just listen to her recorded music. Haha!

I hope next year, it will be a bigger one, bigger artist.. Big as Beyonce! 

Thanks Singapore GP for bringing a wonderful feeling for my older brother. Til next year!