Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oishi's Rinbee Cheese Sticks

ABBEY: Back when I was a kid, Rinbee is one of my favorite chips from Oishi manufacturer. We used to make it as pasta during our cooking games or just munch it as we watch our Saturday morning cartoons. 

It cost a peso back then but you won't settle for only one. You'll definitely crave for more of those cheese sticks.

WILL: This is one of the famous snack in the Philippines.  Okay, okay.. This isn't a snack, this is junk food.. Hehe.. 

When my brother went here for vacation, I asked him to bring some for me and then the rest was a history. Haha!

The taste is still the same, good thing! Oh, I really miss the cheesy, crunchy sticks.