Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Skinny Pizza Singapore / What a Crack

ABBEY: We planned a couple of times to dine in Skinny Pizza but we didn't got a chance to push it through. But when the 20sgd voucher was given from the Strip promotion was about to expire we decided to go. We had lunch before I come to office. It is on their branch at Raffle City. 

We ordered their Bundle Set 1 (39 sgd); it includes a pasta, Chicken Satay Pizza and a quarter-meter of sausage. We had Spaghetti Bolognese for pasta and spicy chicken sausage. Note: They're serious when they say "spicy". The pasta is firm and freshly-cooked and the sauce is flavorful. For the pizza, I was amazed. That is the thinnest pizza I ate. They are living their name Skinny. So thin that the dough is crispy. But the toppings are overflowing. We only ate half and took home the other. 

Unfortunately, the voucher can't be used on promotions so we bought blackforrest cake and warm banana cake for dessert.

WILL: Dough is very important factor of pizza. There so many gimmicks the pizza parlors doing with their dough. There's a thick, thin, stuffed, flavored and so on. But some people do not settle for thin, they go way beyond it and created the skinny one. And last Saturday, 19th of October, we say hello to Skinny Pizza's Raffles City branch.

Abbey ordered the Chicken Satay. I was from the office back then so I am quite full as our company offered a free lunch every Friday and Saturday. I ate 2 slices and Abbey ate one, we take away the half of it and I ate the rest for my breakfast. I ate it all, and from, their you may manage to know If I like it or not, haha! 

We have also a sausage that I can't stand the spiciness. 

Pleas visit their place, you can have beer or wine. Thanks Strip for the free $20 voucher.