Monday, April 29, 2013

Crystal Jade Kitchen at Holland Village & Crystal Jade My Bread at Takashimaya

ABBEY: We had another round of Citibank points to exchange into vouchers. We chose Crystal Jade for a change. The vouchers are redeemable either on their restaurants or bakeries. We had dinner at their branch in Holland Village. You can do a walk-in or to be sure make a reservation. The place is jam-packed. Its a good thing the staff allowed us to have a table at the second floor. They gave us less than hour to dine as the place will be used for a function. 

I tried their Fried Noodle with Shredded Pork & Cabbage . As it is a Chinese cuisine, the dish is flavorful and presented beautifully. We also tried their dumplings. The sauce and the dumplings complement each other well; leaving you to crave for more. 

For a 30sgd-meal we only paid 10sgd less the 20sgd voucher. The other voucher we spent buying bread on their bakery at Crystal Jade My Bread at Takashimaya. This made Wilma ecstatic. She liked bread and pastries a lot. We bought floss, their must-have Mini Hong Kong BBQ Pork Bun, cake, coffee and milk buns. She was very happy seeing large quantities of dough-delight put in two large plastic bags. As we can't finish them all before expiration we shared some to our housemates. 

Thanks Crystal Jade.

WILL: Do you know that Crystal Jade serves Authentic Chinese Cuisine with love for beyond two decades already? Do you know that Crystal Jade is one of established restaurant well-known not only in Singapore but across Asia. Do you know that Crystal Jade not only have restaurants but also have bakeries?
      Holland Village Is the nearest branch of Crystal Jades's restaurant from our home. We called because when we pass by at their place, we always saw that they are fully-packed and the queue is too long, but its too late, the reservation list was full and they just asked us to be their walked-in guests. We agreed and hailed taxi immediately, we don't like to be caught up on a long line of grumbling stomachs. Haha!
      No queue as we arrived by 530PM, they immediately assisted us to the second floor. I ordered La Mian Soup with minced pork and vegetable wanton. When I saw the serving, I already knew that I will carry a take-away bag later.. It is too many for me, and Abbey already raised both hands in surrender to eat my left-over. It costs $9.50 but good for two serving. The soup and the noodles is so tasty. So delicious!
      Abbey went for Fried Noodle with Shredded Pork & Cabbage in Shanghai Style for $12.80, so good that he managed to eat it all, he also ordered a Deep-fried Pork Rib in "Wu Xi" Style for $8.50.
      This date night costs us to pay the $40.00 voucher.
      Then Abbey and I decided to spend the remaining $20.00 on their breads. After our remittance at iRemit at Lucky Plaza, we went to Crystal Jade My Bread located at Takashimaya. Gosh, there are so many breads... newly baked and the alluring aroma keep me to pick more breads that the costs of the our voucher, haha.. We added $2.00.The bread is so tasty, I am really the fan of their bakery since I tasted their tarts! Love it a lot!
      Before I forgot, thank you so much to Citibank Singapore for the $60.00 vouchers.