Monday, March 11, 2013

Universal Studios Singapore: Transformed

ABBEY: Second time? Yes, with my wife. With us is my brother-in-law and eldest sister. They went back to Philippines and we invited them to have a side trip here in Singapore. We bought 4 tickets at Sea Wheel travel (People's Park Centre) at a discounted price of 65sgd each. We were at Universal Studios Singapore's gate by 10am and went to Lights, Camera, Actions attraction. Then we went to Sci-fi area of USS; Transformers. This is the first time for Wilma. She really enjoyed the ride and she even joined the queue for the second time.
None of us have the guts to experience Battlestar Galactica except for Wilma. I feel I'll excrete all my body fluids once I get into that.

I was their bag carrier when they went to The Mummy Returns; an indoor roller coaster. My sister was very afraid to Anubis (half-human half-jackal); Egypt's god of embalming and the dead.
Then we went to the Lost World. We rode the Canopy Flyer. After that we bought sandwiches and nachos while waiting for The Waterworld show. This show made almost all people wet. Another water-ride is the Water Rapids at Jurassic park. Beware of the 2-storey drop. We had corndog as we went to Kingdom Far Far Away to watch the 4D show. After rescuing Princess Fiona, we went to Madagascar. We saw the penguins do their dance number and then rode their crate. Other shows that we watched were the Monster's  Rock concert, Sesame Street and the cute waitresses of the Diner. 

It was tiring but fun.

WILL: My first visit was when my in-laws, sister and nephew visited us here in Punggol, and I thought that would be my last to go in Universal Studios of Singapore. Well, definitely I am so wrong. 
     Ate Abigail and Kuya Roy from Chicago gave us some of their golden time just to spend it here. Thanks Bro and Sis. 
     We bought a ticket beforehand so we don't need to be that early just to queue to buy tix. We arrived 10am via taxi, and it is more cheaper than to take the Sentosa Express.
     Overall, all I can say, it is better to go here in USS in weekdays and start to queue the attractions from your right. We almost ride all the attraction except for Battlestar Gallactica. Booo!! They don't want to experience the thrill I felt when Ate Sol went here. It's like our soul left our body. Haha. The mummy is really cool too, the drop really caught me off guard. 
    We have seen all the shows and Monsters Rock is really awesome, never got the chance to see this before. 
    Universal Studios Singapore will make you coming back for more. ;) oh, there are some travel agents that selling a discounted tickets for as low as $65.