Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ah BOYS to MEN 2

ABBEY: The recruits returned for their sequel with more laughs. 

After what happened to his father, Ken (Joshua Tan), learned that he must take NS seriously. Back at the camp they had a run and as expected Aloysius Jin (Maxi Lim) has the best runtime. Asked by Sgt. Ong (Tosh Zhang) , he told that his secret for running is "No cigarrete". Sgt. Ong ordered his men to stop smoking and this made the smokers became mad at Aloysius. They treated him badly to the point that he became at outcast. 

Ken protected Aloysius and he also was outcasted by the group. They went to the forest for their camping and Lobang stole Aloysius' magazine. It didn't went well as Lobang's mag dropped beside Alo making him lost his own. On inspection, Alo gave his to Lobang. And this made Lobang to befriend Alo. They received all their mails from their loved ones except Lobang but got his own from Sgt. Ong. They finished their course and went their own to serve in the military. 

This is good movie and encouraging for those who will take NS soon.

WILL: They surpassed their own. As the the Ah Boys to Men 2 surpassed the gross income of Ah Boys to Men, is now considered the highest-grossing local film of Singapore.If you watched the Ah Boys to Men, you will surely craving for the part 2.
      This film is very useful for the minds of the boys now, how to love and how defend Singapore. How to befriend and be more cautious on creating a relationship with everybody in the training.
      This is film is 10/10. Thanks to RamenPlay for providing the tickets. Go BMT! Go brotherhood! Majulah Singapura!