Friday, March 22, 2013

Snoopy’s World at New Town Plaza

ABBEY: When Denise knew that we didn't follow her itinerary for our second day, she informed Wilma that we can visit Snoopy World outside the 3rd floor of New Town Plaza. This mall is integrated to Sha Tin MTR station. The entrance is the famous Snoopy's dog house with red roof. The Birchwood school is there as well as the school bus and also the playground. Along with other structures were the bank, post office and a diner. Kids can row a boat in the water path. I felt like a child upon meeting Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the gang. This attraction is for free.

WILL: We were shocked when we walked our way  to TST Promenade. There were so many people already positioned their cameras for the most awaited fireworks display of the year. Too many people paving their ways and looking for a right spot for them, so we decided after seeing the hand prints of Hong Kong's famous stars, we directly went to the opposite hotel, Shangri-La Hong Kong.
     While sipping a cup of tea and coffee, we keep on updating my friend Denise our location and what we are doing. She might be thinking we are wasting our time inside a hotel, so she suggested that we go to Snoopy's World. Then after some clicks, we were off to go.
     It is located at Shatin New Town Plaza, 3rd floor. This place is free. A very nice place to go for Charlie Brown's Gang lovers. I enjoyed, Abbey enjoyed and we know your kids we be delighted to spend time here.