Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Red Dynasty Paintball Park

ABBEY: We got this at Groupon and this deal sold like hotcakes. At first it was only a 6-man group then it became a company team building. The location of the paintball ground is at Bottle Tree Park.

e were reserved a time slot for 2pm. The staff briefed us about the do's and don't of the game. They really emphasized about safety like not pointing your gun at anyone outside the grounds and wearing your mask at all times. The masks are being cleaned every after session so bacteria from sweat won't accumulate. 

Our goal is to get the bomb at the center of the field to your base and from there run and plant your flag at the center. I admit that my team didn't strategize while our opponents were busy planning to take us down. I managed to strike some of them but I went out of bullets. Our team lost but it was fun. We had a lot of stories going back home.

WILL: April and I share some interests...music & extreme and unusual sports for girls. This is our 3rd time to spent together for a non-office activity. 
      After I saw the Groupon voucher, I immediately asked April if she wants to join to build a group of 10 to book for this Paintball activity. In an instant, four of my colleagues confirmed and some of our clients. Never ever taught that one of my boss will join us and her husband, and in our great luck, our big boss paid the costs. 
     January 27 is the day, we all gathered at Bottle Tree Park to team up against each other. So sad that me and Abbey were on different team. Yeah, we fought each other, and he is my first target and first hit. Lol. Group one, we, won! 
     This is a nice and very good experience. Hoping to see another promotion from voucher dealers. ;)