Friday, March 29, 2013

Macau Grand Prix Museum

ABBEY: We were preparing to join Singapore GP contests to win Pit Stop tickets so we planned to visit F3 Grand Prix museum in Macau. It is located in the basement of Tourism Activities Center - CAT. The entrance was free as celebration of Chinese New Year.

It showcases F3 cars of different countries, history and development of the race. One Macau resident, Teddy Yip, is very enthusiastic and supportive of the event. It also exhibits the jumpsuit of the oldest FIA consultant, John Corsmit. Along with the suit is his death mask. We also had the chance to play a simulated game and this is for free also. Motorbikes were also exhibited in the museum. 

WILL: I know that Macau is famous for its high-end hotels and casinos, but we don't go there to relax in a comfy room or play slots, we are there to see the country itself, and where to go other that that?... Museums!

      I am fond of going to museums, and I am glad that this country offers a lot for us to visit. After meeting up with Abbey's bestfriend, Jennee, we immediately go to Grand Prix Museum which is located at Rua Luis Gonzaga Gomes. Free entrance and free one shot for simulator. I am fan of racing cars, influenced by my brothers, that's why I am very eager to see this place.
     Here they showcase the uniforms of the drivers, cars, motorcycles, and even the great names behind ever race. We really enjoyed exploring this. This place is a must see for every tourist in Macau.