Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Last Stand

ABBEY: It was only a day off from a busy police job. He will be only guarding an almost empty town. Until a drug cartel boss escaped from the grasp of FBI making a way to cross between the border of US and Mexico evading his crimes. As the fugitive goes nearer to Sheriff Arnold's town, he beefed up his army of four by the help of arms enthusiast, . The FBI and one of his men told the sheriff that the druglord is not their concern. But Arny told them "If he comes to my town then he is our problem". They exchange fires with the boss' henchmen but he single-handedly fought the mastermind. Dragging him on his topless car he gave him to the FBI. Arny and Johnny gave the audience a good laugh and action-packed scenes. Arny stil have magic up on his sleeves.

WILL:  Firstly, thank you Ms. Grace of Expat Living Magazine for this pair of free tickets. 
       Well I can say that I really miss Arnold Schwarzenegger in a movie. His acting antics is so hilarious even his face is so dead serious. 
       This film have a simple layout of story but the actors portrayed it very very nicely. 8/10.