Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cocoa B DIY White Chocolate

ABBEY: One random day Wilma asked what chocolate would I want as a gift. I replied "Any type, any toppings would do". 

She joined a contest to create your own chocolate. She told me she even put a message on the bar. She was excited to see it delivered to our mailbox. It was covered with a bubble wrap then a silver-colored wrapper with cushion. What a way to protect the precious delight. It was a white chocolate bar topped with almond, macadamia nuts and floss. There's a message "I love you" which is also edible. 

Its not too sweet, just enough to enjoy it and appreciate as this was done by my wife :)

WILL: The most beautiful thing that you can give as a gift to your loved ones is not a box load of ready made commodity in a market, but was things that done by your own hands. 
      Time really pushes all our creativeness on edges, and so am I. Haha. Went to Vivo... while walking, while checking each store, there is no great idea that popped-up right before my eyes. I went home, frustrated. Nada! No gift for my Abbey for hearts' day. 
     Checking every facebook fanpage that posts their products for Valentines, I came with Cocoa B that was holding a giveaway that time.  With great passion and love for my husband, I poured my emotion while creating my own chocolate. 

Here is my entry:

I roamed around VivoCity last night and got home almost 9pm with empty hands. Nowhere to find, nowhere to go, no great gift idea for my husband on heart's day.

Until this morning I read a message in facebook about Cocoa B, bulb of imagination lit and swore when I got home, I wil be creating my OWN chocolate flavor and design.

So here it is, white chocolate (symbolizes my pure love unto him), nuts (how nutty I am when I am with my hubby), I Love You Plaque (three words combined to be a powerful sentence), & Chicken Floss (his favorite).

I will never know this when I read

Hoping to win this, by the power summoned by LOVE! ;)

     Upon checking the facebook when we came back here in Singapore, I saw that I won the contest. As I cannot hide my gladness, I asked my husband to see my entry to this contest. After he read it, he squeezed me tight. 
     The day came, chocolate was delivered by the postman, we unwrap, we took photo, we ate and our amazement can see through in our eyes when we took every bite on that whitey chocolate. Very delicious indeed when powdered with floss. 
     Thanks Cocoa B. please visit their website and surprise your loved ones with it.