Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sizzling Liempo Recipe

3-4 pieces pork belly slices
McCormick ready-mix gravy
Sizzling plate (available at Katipunan pinoy store in Lau Pa Sat)
Java rice

Dry marinate the pork belly slices with salt, pepper. (Or you can use Maggi Magic Sarap). Let it settle for at least an hour.
For Java rice, melt margarine and add half tablespoon of annato powder and a bit of turmeric powder. Pour it on newly-cooked rice and mix it well.

For gravy, follow the instruction on the pack. Put it in a sauce pan and add 1 tablespoon of flour. Stir in low heat until its thick.

Fry the belly slices then set aside. Put the plate at the stove. A couple of minutes later, put the rice on top and the pork. Then pour the gravy. Serve and enjoy.

WILL: While browsing Panlasang Pinoy website, I stumbled upon a mouth watery photo of sizzling pork chop. To inform you guys, that's one of my favorite dish to order whenever it is available. 
      I don't asked Abbey, I forced him to cook it for me. Well, he done it perfectly. The buttery taste of  java rice exploding in every munch with with a slice of fried liempo swam on beef gravy. Shocks, I have three cups of rice that night. Now all my new housemates knew why I am fat now!