Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TurboJET (Hong Kong - Macau)

ABBEY: This is the vehicle that drove us to Macau (an hour ride from Hongkong). One way ticket costs 160hkd. The ferry is spacious and has comfy seats. The ride is smooth and we arrived safely to Macau. 

The attendant who distributes the embarkation card is kind of annoying though. Some people didn't understand what he is saying  (Forn-ner which he means foreigner) and he came back to those people telling that it is a simple English. If he could speak it more clearly then he'll be more understandable. 

WILL: This is the most popular way to go from Hong Kong to Macau. When we saw the queue, I perspired a lot and fearful that we might not get a ticket for our voyage. Every window we ask if there's available seat for two, my prayer was answered when Turbo Jet opened for a new schedule and the boat will be leaving in an hour time. 
      As we set our foot at the ship, we were happy to see a clean and comfortable seat for everybody. I sat happily and closed my eyes. Suddenly, Abbey is poking me telling me that we reached Macau. The sail is peaceful indeed and its just an hour ride. Thanks for Bonamine for taking out the sea sickness in me. 
      Turbo Jet is very recommendable. Check this out once you planned hoping between Hong Kong and Macau.