Friday, March 1, 2013

The Impossible

ABBEY: This movie is an eye-opener for me on how far will I go to have my loved one to be back in my arms again. Twas a story of an ideal family vacation; hot sun, cool drinks, sands, pool, beach, and relaxation; until the unexpected happened. A tsunami swept the whole bay area leaving no trees standing, resorts completely gone. The cheers and excitement on the visitors were replaced by cries and fear. Above the water you'll be crushed by the waves, below it you'll be hit by the debris. Struggling for life Lucas hang on to a pole but seeing his mother swept by the water he went along also. After the water subsided, his mother had a flesh wound; making it more impossible to walk. They climbed a tree for safety and waited until rescue came.

It was chaos in every evacuation center. Each one had his own physical suffering to be attended to but what more depressing is they don't know the whereabouts of their loved ones.

(Ewan McGregor) was with his sons but was not able to leave the area. He believed that somehow he'll be with his wife soon. He sent his two sons to a center while still finding his wife. On one evac center they were all reunited but the wife had a lot of complication and her life is at risk. She undergone an operation and was successful. As soon that it is safe to travel they were airlifted to Singapore then to their homeland.

WILL: I really want to watch this film as it is based on true story of how Thailand's tsunami badly hit the lives of people living and having a holiday there.
      Thanks to Shaw Theaters for letting my husband win a premiere movie ticket for two of this film. 
      The movie is so touching and really taught the viewers how to hold on to each others. 9/10.