Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Madame Tussaud's Hong Kong at The Peak

ABBEY: I'm excited to know that we will visit wax museum during our Hongkong vacation. The good thing is we can take picture for every figures and touch them; that I can't do when the wax figures visited Philippines on 1992. 

Jackie Chan's "twin" welcomed us as the entrance of the museum and then the Hollywood celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Robert Pattinson, Merryl Streep, and Taiwan superstar Barbie Hzu. We also got to take snaps on some of the people of political realm like US President Barack Obama, George Bush, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana. Saddam Hussein, Gandhi, Mao Tse Tung, and Hitler were also there. 

Other artists were Jet Li, Johnny Depp, Marlyn Monroe and Amitabh Bachchan. Visual artists like Picasso and Rembrandt are displayed as well as Shakespeare. 

There was a mini horror house inside the museum where you will walk in line and real artist will try to  scare the hell out of you. 

You will exit and sports figures awaits you ( Yao Ming, Tiger Woods, David Beckham and Mohammed Ali). 

On the second level of the exhibit are the music superstars like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beatles and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The exhibit is wonderful; a nice time to meet the stars.

WILL: Hong Kong is one of five Asian countries that cradles the wax masterpieces of Madame Tussaud and they chose the world's famous attraction to settle in...The Peak. You can go there by Peak's Tram, Bus 15, 15B, & 15C but we chose take the tram. 
      We were shocked when we saw the queue and the waiting time posted was 2 hours, we arrived around 4pm. We bought our ticket online, we relived once the man behind the counter told us that we do not need to stand at the end of the line, we can cut the queue due to the online tickets we have. 
      Well, blessed and felt so lucky, we just waited for the tram to arrive. 10 minutes passed we were the doorsteps of Hong Kong's wax museum. 
     At the entrance, famous Jackie Chan welcomes us. Then followed by many celebrities and unforgettable leaders of the world. 
    If you can imagine that all of those were alive, then you will sure have goosebumps. This is a must see when you visit in Hong Kong. Oh, there is a SCREAM, a horror house, Abbey went there. Yeah he went alone! ;) 
    Our online booking costs HK$215.