Monday, April 1, 2013

Macau Wine Museum

ABBEY: This museum comes side by side with Grand Prix museum. It curates the origin and evolution of wine-making. But as the wine story goes, it only tells that wine can be made best by squeezing the grapes by traditional "foot" press. It also shows how the barrels are made and the process of making wine from picking the grapes until its fermentation. 

A video depicts a number of men in a tub of grapes singing and merry-making while pressing the grapes. Its a form of entertainment as they will be there for hours. Galas and robes worn in different countries as members of wine association were also displayed.

WILL: Macau Wine Museum is just opposite with Grand Prix Museum and we never let the opportunity pass.
      As you enter the place, you can see a cart filled with grapes. Then photos from the past explains how the wine was done, the difference of wine from beers. 
     Barrels are everywhere and there also a video portraying how they the people stomp their feet to get the fresh juice from grapes. 
     You can go for wine tasting for a a minimal fee of HKD$5.