Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thanks visitors... friends... and NUFFNANG!

ABBEY: Time really flies fast. Now its time to celebrate our second blog anniversary. After two years, the unique visitors is at 85,000. 

Compared to other featured blogs, we still have a lot of work to do but for us its a milestone reached. We never imagined that we will make this far. We enjoyed what we do and we are happy that others are continuing to support us. I managed to read older posts once in a while and surprised that I can write that much. As a gift we deposited our earnings in Nuffnang. 

We hope that we can continue to help others by our reviews.

WILL: This is our couple's blog 2nd bday. This is a hobby that binds me and my hubby. We enjoy every inch, every time, and everything about this blogging. We enjoy every questions by our jargons and friends where, when and how we felt when we go to a certain place, when we ate or cooked that food or when we do some of those activities. 
     This is a hobby that grew with little fame, with a large advantage to some events and unexpected amounts, vouchers and freebies from different companies/ of those is Nuffnang, our exclusive ads supplier. 
     After some debate two years ago, Abbey agreed to have an advertisement to our blogs and that we chose Nuffnang. :) Just this past month, we received the cheque amounting S$ 59.25. For some this maybe small, but for me and my husband, this is a huge cash, huge cash for doing nothing for them. Haha. 
     Dear Nuffnang, we banked it in together with our $1 coins in our mini bank and we will invest it. Thanks readers, friends and blogwalkers. Thank you Nuffnang, for the free movies, free tours, free products and this cheque. Viva Nuffnang!