Sunday, January 8, 2012

Real Yoga

ABBEY: I was hesitant to attend our first yoga session. I know I'll have a hard time on that day. We were scheduled for a Yoga Stretch in the morning. The place is at Centerpoint mall near Somerset MRT station. Once in the room we saw our sessionmates getting warmed up. I have no idea what'll I do so I waited for our instructor, Master Manoj. 

Yoga mat, face and bath towel were provided for the session. Water is free but bring your own bottle. I admit it, first time of yoga for me is difficult. But is also fulfilling as I put myself to strive hard to do the activity. We had to cancel our next session since our bodies still ache from the stretch. I hope I can continue to do yoga in the future.

WILL:  Ahm, I do yoga way back in Philippines. Almost every saturday I perspire doing this at home but when I got here, hmmm, I feel so lazy to do it. So sad! 
       Then groupon offered a Yoga voucher for $15 for 4 60-minute session, I really asked Abbey, oh wrong choice of word, I forced him to accompany me haha. Do we bought to vouchers. 
After Philippine vacation I hurriedly booked for a stretch yoga at 7:45. OMG after a year of not doing any yoga position, I can do the positions but nit fully stretched. 
       I do not sweat a lot because the room is quite cool but hey that afternoon I really feel that all my muscles were aching that even laughing makes my tummy hurt a lot! Oh, I wanna do Yoga more. I miss that pain. Haha. 
       Real Yoga can be found at Orchard Road few steps away from Somerset MRT station. The studio, mat, towels, shower room is very clean. If you want to try yoga, here will be a great start! Anyways, thanks to Manoj. :)