Monday, January 2, 2012

Seoul Garden

ABBEY: We got this 1 for 1 voucher from their Facebook fanpage. The contest is to name the different hot pots offered by Seoul Garden. Luckily we have been chosen as the winners. 

We tried to dine in their branch at Clementi Mall but it was full and the next available seat will be after an hour. We got the spot at Harbourfront Centre. I had bulgogi beef bibim bap. The dish is served in a bowl; hot rice is topped with soft flavorful beef. It was delicious. A dish starts at 15sgd. Next time we'll try their hot pot.

WILL: Well, I can say that Abbey is such a loco for Korean cuisine and because of it, we are still hunting for a great korean restaurant that will satisfy his cavings. ;)
      I am not fond of Korean foods, maybe I am not introduced to those kind of foods on my early age. Ha! And another reason, I do not like their kimchi.
      But here I am, dined at Seoul Garden. We won a 1-for-1 voucher and I ordered a chicken bimbim bap. Sarap! Shocks! Their chicken is so tender and the sticky rice goes well with it. The complimentary kimchi do not have this stench that I used to smell then I ate all it up. Ha! 
     Next time, we will try their buffet, hope this time, we will not wait for more than a hour.