Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tagaytay City

ABBEY: I went to this place a couple of times but during our vacation we went here for their famous bulalo and to get the shot of Taal lake. With iur racer friend, John, we were in Tagaytay after an hour and a half. 

It's almost twilight so after table reservation we pose for our snaps with the lake. The volcano is magnificent; the water's so calm; and the breeze is cool. As the night sets in we became busy to fill our hunger with hot bulalo. After the dinner we went for coffee. We didn't left Tagaytay without buying buko pie and espasol. The trip is fun and enjoyable. :)

WILL: Due to its altitude and breezy weather, Tagaytay City is the little Baguio of the South. Only 1-2 hours drive from Manila, this city has the smallest and active volcano of the world. 
Stunning view from afar, Taal was surrounded by water, the Taal Lake. Hehe. 
      This is very famous for weddings, some short trips and their alley of restaurant offering Bulalo. You can also see everywhere the famous Collete's Buko Pie. 
      We hope, everything in here will be preserved most importantly the life of Taal Lake which gives living for many. 
Hope to see Tagaytay again for the nth time. Haha!