Friday, January 6, 2012

Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken

ABBEY: For both instances that we visited this place it was almost the end of our vacation. This is located in SM Annex beside Wendy's hamburgers. "Ola, Señor, Señora!" that will be the greeting you will hear upon entering the restaurant. 

An order of chicken dish starts from 150php. You can top it up with 50php to have unlimited soup and drink. The price is reasonable as the serving is big; big enough for big guy like me :) 

WILL: This not our first time here, we tasted this Peri-Peri, hmmmm, I think it was 2008, long long time ago. Ha! We never do blogging when we are dating and I am not into taking pictures. Actually I do not have facebook back then. i am just a loyal subscriber of friendster. Haha. Enough with reminiscing. Haha!
We re-visited their SM North branch. This Peri-Peri gave a good impression on out first visit and never failed to impress us again on our second visit. 
      The chicken cut is still big! OMG! How can I eat all those meat. Haha!