Monday, January 9, 2012

Jollibee Chickenjoy

ABBEY: There are couple of attempts for the Pinoys in Singapore to make fried chicken to taste and look like from Jollibee but none of them came close enough to the original. We never fail to visit one of its branches to indulge in that crispy-liciuos and juicy-licious treat. Matched with hot rice and saucy gravy it's a meal fit for a king :) As their tagline says "Pinaka-na, the best pa"

WILL:  This is one of the things we're usually taking it for granted when we were there in Philippines. If you are in other place pala, you will miss the crunchiness and juiciness of this Jollibee's pride. 
       Foreign fast foods tried to conquer the best chicken title but nothing beats this. Hehe. For only not more than Php80 you can get one of this with rice and drinks. 
       Jollibee is a must to visit and taste once you arrived at the Philippines. Babalik-balikan!