Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Marina Mandarin | 5 Star Hotel Singapore Marina Bay - Christmas Eve Staycation (2015)

ABBEY: Got reservation at Marina Mandarin on the eve until Christmas day. We understand that it will be a busy day at the hotel and services will somehow will be delayed. But the hotel management also must need to consider that if it is a holiday then more people is needed to support the workforce. Sadly, we got the room keys by 4PM. We were there since 2PM.

We got a deluxe room at 14th storey with a view of Marina Bay. Ths room and spacious, the pillows are soft and we got a bathtub :)

After spending few hours watching reruns we went down to grab some bite to eat.

Coming back to the hotel, we had a chance to see live performance at the lobby. Christmas spirit can be filled thru the songs. We also took a look at their gym. It was clean and I even tried some of their machines.

Night has passed and I'm looking forward for the breakfast. It was a buffet. It was included in the roomrate we had. They have Japanese, Indian, Western and local cuisines. I indulged myself with salmon teriyaki and sashimi, sushi. Pair it with vegan fried rice and it is a combo. I also have some sausages, ham and eggs. The egg station offers omelette, fully cooked sunny side up and the one with "runny and gooey" yolks :) The bacon is not that good as it is not crispy.
We dipped few minutes on their pool, fixed our things and then we headed for checkout.

WILL: Without having a second thought, I clicked the link when I saw the advertisement of Meritus Group for their holiday season. It will be a our first time to experience celebrating the festivity out of own home. That was August. 

Fast-forward December 24th, we have reached the hotel around 2pm. Well, the queue is not that long but we wasted so much time in waiting for our keycard to be handed over. They informed all of their guests that the rooms were not yet ready. The check-out time is 12pm and check-in is 2. I can only see that they maybe lack of people to clean the room. And you know what time when we got to our place? It is around 5pm. 

It gets me frustrated, of course, but I chose not to go to that mood because I do not want to ruin our staycation. 

As requested (came with a fee) we have a room with a view of Marina Bay Sands. The room is pretty huge, the bed and beddings feels and smells clean same as the bathroom. I commend their bath foam, one small tube is enough to bubble up the whole tub. When we go to the terrace, the floor tiles are still wet maybe because of the rain that noon time. 

After the dinner at Burger Bar, we roamed around to check out their pool and their gym. The gym is quite impressive. They have those complicated apparatuses inside. After walking and walking we sat and watched a mini concert  that was held in the lobby. The happiness is really in the air. 

Their breakfast buffet at AquaMarine is love! A quite of variety to indulge to. The pool! And the falls! Instant hydrotherapy haha! 

I noticed that their hallways are not properly lit even in the early mornings, the reason we do not get a good shots on that. 

Thanks for a wonderful experience Meritus Group - Marina Mandarin Hotel. :)

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