Sunday, October 19, 2014

PAUL Singapore (Maison de Qualité) - French Restaurant at Westgate

ABBEY: I was in the connotation that French cuisine is only pleasing to the eye and fancy but you won't get full as the serving is small :) It changed when we visited Paul Restaurant at Westgate Mall. The ambiance is very different. It was elegant. Noise volume is minimal. It is as if all the diners were refine.

As I opened the menu, the items were, for me, a bit expensive. So what to do then? Use their promotion or offer. On that day, a meal consists of main course, soup of the day, and drink only costs $18.90++ with usual price of 40+sgd. I ordered their beef stew; choiced chops of beef with generous serving of bread. And when they put "generous" on the menu, they mean it. I got four slices of bread to match my stew. The stew is creamy and delicious. The beef comes with small amounts of fat which I liked. This made me missed our Pinoy's Nilagang baka or bulalo. 

Soup of the day is carrot soup and my drink is mint iced tea. The tea tasted like the bubble gum I enjoyed when I was kid.

WILL: We do not have our own camera. Yes! You read it right. Most of the photos here in our blog was taken using the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4S. When there is a special events or we have visitors, we always asked either Nitin or Chat to lend us their Nikon.In returning a favour, Abbey and I chose Paul at Westgate to treat our dear friend Chat. We availed their promo (ends on 30th October).

Straight from office, I went here and so awed with the restaurant. It has a calming atmosphere. Immediately after sitting down, we ordered our food. I went for Sauté de Poulet Aux Champignons and mint iced tea. The promotion includes their soup of the day which is carrot soup. The taste is amazing and really stimulates my appetite and looking forward to our main dish. While waiting I sip some of my cold tea. It taste like a bubble gum and asked Abbey if I can swap with  his iced lemon tea, and he confirmed.

One by one our food came and sat in front of us. Every spoonful give us a piece of tranquillity. Haha! My chicken with mushroom is so creamy. The bread really compliments the cream with it.

This is a really recommendable place. A nice and very romantic restaurant to bring your date.