Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Underwater World Singapore and Dolphin Lagoon - Sentosa

ABBEY: I wasn't aware that there are two marine life attractions in Sentosa until last week. One is the SEA Aquarium near Waterfront Station. This is considered as the biggest aquarium in Asia. And the other is at Siloso point, the Underwater World. We went to Underwater World upon my sister's visit. 

At 4PM, the show started for pink dolphins in the Dolphin Lagoon. They are wonderful creatures, very graceful and intelligent. They showed how they can sing, wave, pass through a hoop and give their signature jumps. Fur seals also joined them in exhibiting their tricks like how fast they can swim and catching rings. 

I hope Sentosa management takes good care of them. Not much difference between SEA Aquarium and Underwater World, both have clear tunnels filled with fish, rays and sharks. The walkalator in Underwater World is a plus though.

WILL: As we need to be more picky on the activities we should do on Abbey’s sister second visit, we chose to go to Underwater World of Sentosa instead Jurong Bird Park. Why? We need to give Ate Rizbeth non-tiring tour. All we need to do is to sit and watch the dolphin show and explore the aquarium which is all air-conditioned. So less sweat, less stress for the family of three.

We arrived 30 minutes before the show at Dolphin Lagoon. We picked the best spot which is not so close to the pool and yet there is blower to puff away the heat of the 25th day of October.

The show started and the arena was filled by spectators. The dolphin is really an adorable creature. So Cute! So when the host asked for a volunteer that will interact with them I never falter to raise my hand and shout “me-me-me!” And yes she picked me! I am so excited to be in a photo with a dolphin for second time. Yes! Second time. The first when I was only a grade school student. I paid Php150.00 to be kissed by a dolphin. Now it is free! A long interaction and got a chance to touch their fins and head, command them to clap and sing. A great experience. Please do visit them. Pink dolphins really made my day.

After the exhilarating event we went back to the Underwater World. The spider crab is really fascinating. Their room is quite congested because it is Saturday. All tourist congesting the island of Sentosa, haha! Anyways. I enjoyed their magnified aquarium.

Thanks Dolphin Lagoon crew. Abbey’s nephew cannot get over of the show. He is still teling “Ninang? Bopin?” (means Godmother? Dolphin?)