Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taste Of India - Singapore

ABBEY: I don't know which Taste of India did I went to the first time, but the branch that I visited recently is on 96 Owen Road (nearest MRT is Farrer Park). This is where my colleague planned to celebrate his daughter's first birthday.

The menu is consisted of vegetable cutlet, briyani rice, sweet and sour fish fillets, aloo gobi, chicken curry and soups and sauce. They also served plain and naan with onion chives. Wilma's favourite papadum is there as well. 

I think I went for three rounds until I can't take the spiciness anymore :) We washed down the food with milk tea, water and coke.

WILL: We were invited by husband’s colleague to attend the 1st Birthday Party of their daughter Annika and we are really grateful that we were included in their guests list. It feels like that we matters. Ha!

I am inch by inch embracing the aroma and spiciness of different curries. So here am I indulging on the Indian food at Taste of India.

As accustomed, after the Happy Birthday was sang, we hit the buffet table. I love papadum so I do not hesitated to get a lot of it. Their vegetable cutlet is yummy. The naan is just an ordinary but their when dipped it to the sauce of curry chicken everything turns extra-ordinary. Grace is so happy that they served teh-c.

They cannot avoid to talk about their jobs so I am just there listening and laughing to all the jokes thrown to each other.

Thanks Falguni. You made me full and sleepy. :)