Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Town Restaurant of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

ABBEY: Another Rejoice Container dinner, and again I was a "tag-along". This time it was held in a restaurant at Fullerton Hotel. Town Restaurant is one of the five restaurants on the hotel. This restaurant is on the other side of the river opposite Clarke Quay. 

The first food I put on my plate is tandoori chicken, plain naan, and prata with matching aloo curry. Next plate is sweet and sour fish fillet, roasted pork belly, and char siu pork.

I didn't bother to come back to that roasting station as the staff can't seem to smile nor laugh at a joke. I asked if I can have the whole slab of roasted pork, but instead I received a smirk. Anyways, nothing or nobody can ruin my festive aura during that day. 

The buffet also offers grilled beef, sausages and chicken wings. Last stop for me is ice cream. Their chocolate ice cream is rich in texture and taste.

WILL: First of all, I want to make an apology because we do not get a lot of chance to take photo of the food. As usual every year, Rejoice Container Services Pte Ltd holding an Appreciation Night for all the Import, Export and Operations Team. The time that we all do is eat, laugh and talked about anything except job. Haha! Now you know why we are lacking of photos. We are too busy eating and chit-chatting.

I love their dimsums a lot! Ice-kachang is good to see there. The chocolate fountain and the unforgettable for me is their merengue, reminds me of my childhood. I think this is the only restaurant that offers this meringue. Prawn..prawn and a lots of prawn.

Town Restaurant is one of the best buffet here in Singapore. You can book a table here.