Monday, October 13, 2014

Morganfield's Singapore - Bar & Grill · Barbecue Restaurant

ABBEY: Seriously, Morganfields, are you serving this food? That was my reaction when I claimed a full slab of Sticky Bones. 

Wilma and I won full slab of Sticky Bones worth 39.90SGD++. This is part of Morganfield's opening promotion at Suntec City Mall. You just have to submit of your creative pose with their BIG picture of pork ribs on their store. I submitted the snap in which I'm proposing to it.

I ordered Hickory BBQ spare ribs. It came with fries and coleslaw. I thought I can finish half of it, but I can't. It is just too big for me. In the end, we brought it home and have that as dinner for couple of days :). I gave an advice to the guests beside us to order only half-slab as I overheard them asking themselves if they will get half or full. The meat is very soft and is peeling out of the bones. They handed us a bib because eating it will gonna be messy. The sauce will be over your mouth and fingers. 

WILL: Happy 4th Anniversary to "We'll Tell You - A&W Couple's Blog"! And now we have a good time at Morganfield’s Singapore newest branch at Suntec City.

Abbey and I won a full slab and decided to get it both in one visit. Humungous meat was served right in front of us. Gosh, I am like the real Wilma of Flinstones eating a dinosaur-sized pork. Haha! I got their Tuscan Baked Spicy Spare Ribs and it is not that spicy. The flavour is superb! The taste is up to its bones. A lip-smacking experience!  

I ate only 1/8 of the full slab and take home the rest. After re-heating in microwave, the juiciness is still intact! A very good food partnered with steaming hot rice. Hmmm, can we suggest to make some rice for sides? Please Morganfield’s! J

Till our next visit! Oh, FYI, I love your bib! My husband is quite messy on eating! Thanks guys for free 1kg slab!