Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Marina Bay Sands Hospitality Suite

ABBEY: This is my second stay in Marina Bay Sands. And I cannot ask for more as we're given a suite with balcony. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Ruaro. They are apologising as the suite is only on the second floor, but hey, this is still a suite. We'll just go up on 57th floor for the view. 

The room includes a queen-size bed, a sofa bed, two television, make-up room and toilet and bathtub. The bar has a Nespresso machine :) So we had a coffee session with our friends after dinner. 

Our stay here with my sister's family is a good one. I can see them get relaxed and refreshed. They went for a dip in the infinity pool and finished the stay with sumptuous breakfast on Sky on 57.

WILL: Wohooo! Marina Bay Sands Suite! Free! And again thanks to our sponsors, Daddy Edward and Mommy Lovelee.

Second time to check-in at MBS Hotel but this is new experience for us. Aside from being housed at their lovely suite we invited some guests to sip some Nespresso coffee after our lovely dinner at Peach Garden. Non-stop stories and questions about Singapore since they only arrived here about a week ago and will start their official job as nurse in a day or two.

When we bid goodbye, we indulge at a very spacious room of this suite. We arranged the sofa bed for me and Abbey to take rest, and our guests, Ate Rizbeth’s family occupied the queen-size bed.

Before we head to our slumber, Abbey and I dip first to the bathtub. Hours of throwing an opinion to each other, making plans and listen to each other's words. We also pictured out our future room in our future home. A very relaxing time for me and my husband.

When I lay down at sofa bed and slept soundly. I woke up and took a shower and head to office.

I hope our visitors enjoy this hotel stay.

Till next time MBS!