Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Singapore's Haw Par Villa

ABBEY: Haw Par Villa is a park themed with Chinese beliefs and tradition. As you have guessed, nearest MRT Station is Haw Par Villa (Circle Line). 

Its name translated also in Chinese can be seen in a stone structure at the entrance of the park. Pagodas, kois, and large statues of Chinese zodiac were among the displays in it. Large obelisk were also erected as a memory for the Chinese brothers, Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par (makers of Tiger Balm).

The most prominent feature of the park is the Gates of Hell. It depicts the travel of the dead; how their acts were judged and sentenced with punishment and until their way to the world again thru reincarnation. The museum is good as it has English translation; helpful for the visitors that came from foreign land. 

WILL: It was Sunday afternoon when Abbey exerted all his effort to wake up after a 4-hour sleep. 5pm we entered the villa and directly went to the Courts of Hell before it closes its doors. 

10 Courts of Hell is a hair-raiser. They magnificently illustrates the punishments for every doings they have sinned. It also shows the purification and reincarnation. Inside is hot, I do not know if they intentionally done it for you to feel the hell. Haha!

Then we went out to see the park. Of course we will see a statue of the tiger balm. 

There's a lot of statue and my favorite are the happiness, prosperity, and longevity. It reminds me of the figurine that people giving to my mom. Hey, if you have a week knee, get ready for a long walk uphill. When we reached the top, Abbey and I sat on one of the benches while my nephew happily playing with the pigeons.

This is a great free park. Please visit. It just few steps from HawPar Villa MRT yellow line.