Saturday, April 12, 2014

Indian Curry House - Delivery by Foodpanda Singapore

ABBEY: What if you're craving for food but don't know which one is it? Try Food Panda ( They will list cuisines/restaurants available in Singapore and from there you can narrow down your search.

We've tried its services and we took order on Indian Curry House. We got chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken, and naan (plain, garlic, and kheema). They told us that our food will be delivered by 12:30pm but they were 30 minutes early. The food is hot and "hot". It got me sweating as I munch on naan with chicken tikka. But it doesn't stop me in getting a plate of rice and indulge on the spiciness of the food. 

Food Panda is recommendable if you want to have variety of choices. Order on their website or thru their phone app.

WILL:  When we received an email from Foodpanda Singapore, I was so surprised, excited and kind of worried for this is our first sponsored review. I asked my husband, what if I do not like the taste? What if the delivery service fails my expectation? So many what ifs and then 10th of April, without any alert given to Foodpanda, we ordered lunch at Indian Curry House.

930am I woke up and checkout foodpanda website. The restaurants were still close, and the fascinating fact is we can pre-order and choose what time we want for them to deliver the food. I put 1130am just in time for our lunch. We received an email for confirmation and a call that they will be late for an hour, we are willing to wait. Our cravings for Indian Cuisine is really kicking in. 

12pm the food arrived, earlier than we expected. After a prayer and some shots, we ate like a caveman. Haha! I love their Garlic Naan dipped in to Chicken Tikka Masala sauce. Its a perfect tandem. The samosa stands-out for its sour after taste. 

Going back to FoodPanda service, they have all types of cuisines in a one roof. So you do not need to jump in and off in any other websites just to look for what your tastebuds longing for. In payment, they have 3 options for you.. Pay by cash, paypal and credit card. Nice, isn't it? You can save more by using some of their vouchers(see photo above).

In just a few computer mouse clicks, food will be at your front door.