Wednesday, April 16, 2014

St. Marc Cafe Singapore - Chococro

ABBEY: This is another variation of "crodo" which started filling up the tummies in Singapore. While crodos/cronuts is circular, chococro adopted the croissant shape. 

The baked good has less butter but has the same creamy chocolate filling. The nuts on top of it makes it more crunchy and munchy on every bite. St. Marc cafe sells it 5-for-10sgd as promotion.

WILL: Hail to who ever discovered the magnificent croissant putting together with donuts. Cronuts hit the shores of Singapore big since last year and the craze until now never mellows eventhough its too pricey. 

St. Marc Cafe's Chococro make a new name on crodos industry here in state city. It is their main product. And when they open up their second store at Raffles City they offered that famous product for $10 per box of 6.

So what is the difference to their competitors? I think this is better. The chocolate inside is more creamy and it was topped with nuts which gave a distinct flavor to the others.

Go grab some of this when you are at VivoCity or Raffles. Try and for sure you will come back for more.