Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NEWater Visitor Centre

ABBEY: Singapore is having scarcity in water. As it has a small land mass, catchment of water is difficult. They have built canals to efficiently trap the rainwater, imported water from Malaysia and even undergo desalination. To make use of the precious water, they also treat the used water to reuse it again. This is where the NEWater comes in. 

Sewerage canals were interconnected and goes to NEWater plants. It was then treated by passing thru a series of  pipes with microfilters to separate bacteria and germs and last stage is the putting the water under ultraviolet light for disinfection. Some of the water are being used in industrial sites for cleaning. 

The guided tour also gave us ample time to have fun on their games teaching how to conserve water. In the end, they gave us free samples of treated water to drink. Yes, it is potable. No need to fear for your health.

WILL: Do u know that most of the water pouring out from your faucet was imported from Malaysia?

Singapore receives a huge amount of rainfall every year but it didn't suffice the demand of water. SG put a lot of effort for a solution on this. And that is why Singapore intensify the research on NEWater. 

NEWater is a process of cleaning the used water from our own drainages. I am quite interested how they do that and so I booked tour in one of their site in Bedok.

Unlike Marina Barrage that have a regular bus route, NEWater don't have, so from Tanah Merah it will only cost you around $5 in taking a cab. Hmmm, unless you are okay for a very long walk. Haha!

We was greeted by a very warm welcome by their staffs and immediately started the tour by letting us watch a video. Then we went to the stages of how they recycle water we drink. 

Its very enjoyable and it will makes you more conscious to save water. After the tour we were given a free bottled water. A pure recycled water. Taste like the any other water. No stench, after taste what so ever.

You can book a free tour here.